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Empowering Our Youth To Thrive In Life, School, and Beyond. 

We are professional life coaches supporting parents & teens in all aspects of life. Through a mix of evidence-based coaching techniques and over three decades of combined industry experience, we’ve helped hundreds of families overcome roadblocks and achieve their fullest potential. Our expertise goes beyond just training; it’s rooted in our shared experiences as parents, family members, and passion for the next generation.

We are professional life coaches supporting parents & teens in all aspects of life.

Through a mix of evidence-based coaching techniques and over three decades of combined industry experience, we’ve helped hundreds of families overcome roadblocks and achieve their fullest potential.

Our expertise goes beyond just training; it’s rooted in our shared experiences as parents, family members, and passion for the next generation.

ICF Associate Certified Life Coach
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teen life coach liezel lane

Liezel Lane, M.A., ACC

Teen & Family / Corporate Life Coach

Liezel Lane is a highly experienced life coach with over three decades of expertise serving teens, families, young adults, and executives. She is the Founder and CEO of MyTeenLifeCoach.com, a practicum supervisor for the Youth Coaching Institute, and consults for Mental Wellness Tech firms.

Before founding MyTeenLifeCoach.com, Liezel was the Executive Director & Founder of Roswell’s 3X award-winning dance and studio program — Global Dance & Atlanta S.E.E.D’s. This after-school program focused on empowering hundreds of girls in their journey to adulthood through contemporary dance, ballet, and theatre.

Liezel holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and is certified through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She also has had extensive experience as the Director of Organizational Development and Learning at TD Ameritrade (now Charles Schwab) and ACI Worldwide.

Liezel is available for public speaking events and consults, and her work can be found on various streaming platforms, such as Amazon Music, Spotify, and The Podcast News Network.

To contact Liezel, visit myteenlifecoach.com/contact

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Cameron O'Brien, ACC

Associate Coach

Cameron trained at the Youth Coaching Institute and is a Certified Youth Resilience Coach. She specializes in working with teens and young adults with psychological disorders.

With a BA in sociology and inequality studies from Cornell University, her passion has always been connecting with people. “I love diving into their narratives and serving as a pillar in my community,” she says, fueling her enthusiasm for her role at MyTeenLifeCoach.

Before her role here, Cameron was a community reporter for six years. In that role, she worked closely with community leaders to report on protests, violence, drug epidemics, breakthroughs, and other community issues. Years of reporting came with hundreds of stories from people around the nation, from adults and elderly to teens and kids.

Emphasizing her mission, Cameron assists teens in uncovering their true selves and stands beside them as a supportive beacon of accountability.

“All I really want is to help other people. That’s why I studied sociality & inequality for years and became a journalist. It’s why I became a coach. It’s why I am here today. It’s all I’ve cared about.”

Cameron was motivated to start coaching by the evident gap in emotional support from the hundreds of people she had met, especially in a world recovering from a pandemic.

Currently residing in sun-kissed Long Beach, California, she carries the spirit of her hometown, Baltimore. When you don't see Cameron dancing to the energetic beats of hip-hop dance, she is watching the entertaining episodes of House Hunters with her three cats and partner.

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Olivia Edelman

Teen Life Coach

Olivia, the visionary behind teenguruolivia.com, is a Certified Youth Resilience Coach who proudly received her professional credentials from the Youth Coaching Institute. Impressively, Olivia began working with teens as a babysitter and tutor at 14.

She holds a degree in Education and English from Bloomsburg University. Following her academic achievements, she seamlessly transitioned into teaching middle school English for six years. Notably, in 2019, her dedication was recognized when she was honored with the “Teachers Who Make Magic” award.

Olivia’s undeniable passion lies in coaching teens. She zeroes in on assisting them in gaining self-esteem and confidently navigating the myriad of challenges they face in today’s fast-paced world.

“I know firsthand what it’s like to feel lost, inadequate, lonely, depressed, and paralyzed by indecision. I once believed my life was set on a certain path, only to find out it is as unpredictable as it gets. I fully embrace that, and that’s precisely why I harbor confidence in my ability to support other teens in this unpredictable world.”

Outside her impactful career, Olivia treasures moments of relaxation. She is often spotted spending time with her two sisters, close-knit friends, or her beloved dog. On other occasions, she might be channeling energy at the gym. New York City is the place she calls home, and she is always looking forward to the boundless opportunities in the city that never sleeps.

5⭐Rated Life Coaches

5⭐Rated Life Coaches

Committed to every unique journey.

Anne Wallace
Anne Wallace
Leizel came into our teen daughter’s life at just the right time. She seems much more grounded and talks about the tools that Leizel has given her from time to time when something comes up that she’s upset about or working on as she navigates the complexity of middle school and life as a teenager. My heart goes out to her for reaching a place in our daughter we weren’t quite equipped to. It takes a village and I’m so grateful that Leizel is now part of ours.
Teresa Lu
Teresa Lu
Cam and Liezel have both been wonderful in my journey of healing and self growth. These women are incredibly passionate about what they do, and they have created a safe space for me throughout different stages of my life. I have learned so much from them about myself, and my healing never could have happened without their support. The lessons and growth I have gained from my time with them are invaluable. I think there is always something essential for everyone to learn about themselves, even if they may not know it yet. I encourage anyone to try and seek out this opportunity to discover it. I never would have imagined the impacts it has had on my life.
Heather Paulin
Heather Paulin
We tried several councilors & psychologists to no avail. Then a friend told us about Liezel, my teen life coach. She listened to what we deemed an impossible situation and came up with solutions we never thought of. Her intuition, professionalism, personality and expertise in working with teens and families were exactly what we needed. She extended tools that we could all utilize immediately and they worked! My teens are thriving now! She was instrumental in helping with this positive change.
Lori Bray
Lori Bray
I was in a hard place when my path crossed with Liezel at MyTeenLifeCoach. She got to know me and built my confidence. She has walked with me through my darkest days and has through her expertise guided me to a beautiful place. My life has changed for the better. She has counseled my children in the very same way. She understands our personal needs and her great knowledge and awareness of our needs has benefited my family more than any words i could write. I highly, HIGHLY recommend Liezel and her team! Her highly trained staff have developed personalized plans for my children and I. They have worked individually and professionally and become dear to our hearts. Each of our issues have been addressed and our goals are clear and being met with her strategic skill in our development. We are so much better and engaged in things of our lives we were struggling and failing in. Thank you Liezel and MyTeenCoach staff! We are forever grateful for the direction our lives have taken in your care.
sofia aguayo
sofia aguayo
I’ve started my sessions with Liezel 2-3 months ago, and in those sessions she has helped me feel good about myself in times I did not. I will forever be grateful for the day that my mom found her. She has made me realize so many things about myself and has always made sure I felt comfortable in our sessions. Liezel truly is the best!
Amber Pappas
Amber Pappas
Liezel is amazing!! My son was struggling with the transition from high school into adult life. He wouldn't open up to me and felt hopeless. I knew he needed an outlet and someone besides myself to come alongside and coach him. She has been amazing! In a few months time he began to open up to her and together they have developed practical solutions to the challenges he faces. He still meets with Liezel and is now living on his own and doing well in college.
Ridhima Talsani
Ridhima Talsani
These sessions really helped me feel heard and figure out what has been holding me back. I’m really glad I signed up for this, I feel so much happier and confident. Thank you!!
Steph Mark
Steph Mark
We "found" Liezel when our 13-year old son needed some guidance in his life navigating friends, school, sports and his teenage emotions. She has been incredibly instrumental in helping him weekly with personal goals and providing him strategies to manage his emotions. Having weekly check-ins with Liezel has been so beneficial and we look forward to having a long-term relationship with her.
Regan Holroyd
Regan Holroyd
Liezel has been a part of our lives for 6 months now. She has been an incredible resource for both me and my daughter. She has a gift for what she does - it is her purpose here in this life. She knows how to adjust to what my daughter needs from her and has been a real blessing to our family. She is flexible, available and engaged. She's always there for us when we need her and knows when to focus on skills versus being there to talk through an issue we are facing and options for how each of us respond to it. I've recommended her to a number of my friends, which I would not do if she was not truly exceptional - at what she does, as a human and as a mom.
Alandrea Spruill
Alandrea Spruill
Leizel has been a positive influence in my daughter’’s life for 8 years. Leizel started as one of her first dance teachers. My daughter was recently excepted in a performing arts school. Thanks to Leizel and her team my daughter will have the knowledge and skills to thrive in all areas of her life!
"I was lucky enough to meet Liezel in my late teens when I was studying for a college degree that I knew wasn't right for me but felt pressured to pursue. Liezel coached me into finding the courage to stand up for myself, and choose the career path I had known all along was my true passion. What I loved most about working with Liezel was that rather than just coaching me on what to do, she saw within me what I had always known to be true and helped me find the words to say and identify the steps to take in order to take my life back into my own hands. I can't imagine how different my life would be if Liezel hadn't helped me as a teen, and I know that I am the woman I am today because her guidance empowered me to make a very difficult but life-altering decision."
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Rebecca Dingwell
Young Adult

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