A life coach is a wellness professional who empowers people to achieve personal and professional goals in their life, work, and relationships. Here, we focus on doing that for teens and families…

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Imagine having a guide expert on the rollercoaster of teen emotions and behaviors. A teen life coach is just that — a mentor tuned to adolescents’ high-energy, sometimes unpredictable world.

They’re not just good at what they do; they’re passionate about helping teens channel their risk-taking spirit, impulsivity, and emotional energy into positive growth.

Through proven coaching methods, a teen success coach empowers young individuals to navigate life’s unique hurdles confidently, fostering self-discovery and resilience. They instill hope, nurture emotional intelligence, and equip teens with problem-solving skills to confidently tackle life’s ups and downs.

How does Teen life coaching work?

Youth coaches work closely with teens through exploratory questions, reflections, and assessments.

By using their own motivation and resources, they explore and develop understanding in many areas, including:

  • Finding their self-identity and interacting with others;
  • Testing social relationships, environments, groups, and roles as they solidify their sense of self;
  • Developing their logical reasoning and sense of morality;
  • Identifying their self-defeating beliefs;
  • Forming high-quality, long-term relationships with family and friends;

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, we offer free coaching sessions so you can see if a life coach is right for you!

There’s a lot to gain from working with a life coach. After coaching hundreds of teens and families, we’ve listed below 5 benefits of life coaching that seem to show up time and again.

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5 Benefits of life coaching

Life coaching offers personalized support to help improve life skills like time management, making better decisions, and better communicating with themselves and others. Through this, one may:

  1. Learn to make choices and speak up for themselves;
  2. Reduce stress and anxiety;
  3. Discover who they are, what they like, and what they’re good at;
  4. Build resilience and grit;
  5. Develop a goal-oriented mindset for school, work, and personal life.

Unlocking your true potential is a skill that a life coach can help you attain!

The Impact of a Teen Life coach

Being a teenager today is a whirlwind of change and challenge. As young individuals face the intricate journey of adolescence, they encounter numerous hurdles, from puberty to academic demands to the search for their identity.

This period can be just as difficult for parents, who witness and adapt to their children’s transformations. Recently, many have turned to family life coaching as a valuable resource. This approach has significantly benefited teens and their families, providing support through these formative years.

The impact on Teens

  • Life coaching provides a safe space to express their thoughts and feelings;
  • They learn valuable skills in communication, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence;
  • It empowers them to make informed decisions, set goals, and navigate the complexities of life more effectively;
  • Teenagers who undergo life coaching often experience improved self-esteem, a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and enhanced problem-solving abilities;
  • Overall personal growth and better relationships with their parents.
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the Impact on parents

  • The reduction in the typical parent-teenager conflicts.
  • Parents often feel a tremendous sense of relief when they see their teenagers taking responsibility for their lives and setting goals.
  • Life coaches provide parents with strategies to better understand their teenagers, help them manage their emotions, and develop effective parenting skills.
  • Parents and teenagers become more understanding and empathetic towards each other.

Life coaching vs. therapy: What's the difference?

These practices are often mixed up because of their similarities, but they differ in how they serve and to whom they serve.

Dr. Leah B. Mazzola, Founder & Owner of Youth Coaching Institute, stated, “Life coaches and therapists share a common goal – to enhance the well-being and outcomes of those they serve. Some therapists are also coaches. Some coaches are also therapists.”

And so deciding which best fits you depends on your current emotional state, needs, and goals.

Here’s a brief overview of the primary differences between Life Coaching & Therapy:


  • The patient is having problems with their thoughts and feelings that are making it hard for them to do everyday things;
  • They need help coping, and alleviating pain, or distress related to trauma, disorders, or illness;
  • They want to work through the problems and get back to their best self;
  • And are looking for a mental health professional to help them get back on their feet.
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life Coaching

  • The client is functional and does fine with daily tasks;
  • They are mentally healthy and manage things well;
  • They are wanting to be better, grow, and achieve higher goals;
  • They want to improve performance, relationships, or life satisfaction;
  • And are looking for a success partner to help unlock their true potential.

Therapists often refer patients to life coaches as the next level of support. They help clients get back to their best selves and begin moving forward while life coaches pick up the work from there to support clients as they continue to set and achieve meaningful goals and build skills for ongoing success.

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"Liezel has been a positive influence in my daughter’s life for 8 years. Liezel started as one of her first dance teachers. My daughter was recently excepted in a performing arts school. Thanks to Liezel and her team my daughter will have the knowledge and skills to thrive in all areas of her life!."
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