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Free 20 Minute Conversation

20 min

This is a free consultation/conversation to determine your needs and how MTLC can be a good fit for you and your family.

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Laser Session

(30 minutes)

These sessions are geared towards anyone who needs a targeted 30-minute session to work on a short-term, specific goal that needs quick and immediate coaching.


The Parent Package

(1 Hour)

  • It is geared toward empty nesting processing, marital conflict in turbulent teen times, and building relationships with your teen by doing your personal development.
  • 6-week commitment.
  • Includes inventories, weekly 1 hour sessions that are targeted towards specific weekly goals that are attainable and building towards a more significant outcome for the family.

$150 per hour, $900 Total
Incentive 50% upfront $400 EOE $400

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The Scattered Teen

(30 Minutes)

  • It is geared toward teens with diagnosed ADHD/ADD/Sensory Sensitive Symptoms.
  • These are short and targeted 30-minute sessions with special accommodations to create the best environment for the most effective outcome.
  • Includes strategies, activities, and tools to empower and create a sense of control.
  • This is a 10-week commitment.

$95 for 30 minutes

The Elite Teen

(1 hour)

  • It is geared toward teens in elite extra-curricular activities, e.g., the Olympics, professional performing arts, social media influencers, and national competitions.
  • Ongoing and flexible in schedule flexibility with high touch needed. Billed Hourly.
  • Includes inventories, assessments, research, analysis, high-intensity touch points, week-to-week accountability, check-in, and texting time. We also partner with the client’s specialized coaches or mentors.

$225 per hour

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The Career Discovery Package

(1 hour)

  • It is geared toward college and career goals.
  • 10-week commitment.
  • Includes inventories, career assessments, research, analysis, practice, week-to-week accountability, check-in, and texting time.

$125 per hour, $1250 Total
Incentive 50% Upfront $600 and EOE $600

The Academic Resilience Package

(1 hour)

  • It is geared toward resource optimization, personal development, social development, and structural support development to create resilience and thrive in their academic careers.
  • 10-week commitment.
  • Includes assessments, surveys, tools, practice and week-to-week accountability, check-in, and any texting time.

Examples of these sessions may include workload management, study skills, time management, relationships at school, academic stress and anxiety, and improving grades.

$125 per hour, $1250 Total
Incentive 50% Upfront $600 and EOE $600

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The Tailored Teen

(1 hour)

  • It is geared towards a specific target or goal tailored to the client.
  • 10-week commitment.
  • Includes assessments, overall strategy, surveys, check-in, and any-time texting.

Examples of tailored sessions may include behavioral at-risk situations, perfectionism, pessimism, and anxiety.

$185 per hour, $1850 Total
Incentive 50% Upfront $900 EOE $900

We Work With,

  • Time management and organization
  • Improving grades
  • Making good friends
  • Navigating Relationships
  • Getting ready for college
  • Finding your passion in life
  • Figuring out blocks and obstacles
  • Improving confidence and motivation
  • Getting on top of stress and anxiety
  • Setting life goals and thinking about the future
  • Tech “addiction” (video games, phones, social media, etc.)
"I couldn’t have been more pleased with Myteenlifecoach! All expectations were exceeded and I would not hesitate to recommend Liezel to anyone.."
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